Is it cheaper to buy a diamond online?

It can be, but not necessarily.

Buying a diamond requires a complex analysis of different factors that affect the final price - size, color, clarity etc..

Being a natural product, no diamond is identical to another. Sometimes you can find a very close match, but every diamond is unique. It is therefore difficult to compare different options unless you have a broad knowledge of the subject or if you trust someone to help you with the decision making.

When you see a diamond for sale online, you most often will only get a partial idea of what this diamond is all about. Most times, the companies selling a diamond are actual middlemen mediating between you - the client - and the company holding a stock of diamonds. Usually that means that you will have limited access to information about the diamond, and this is not optimal.

Some websites will provide you with more details, like certification, maybe a diagram, or a photo. These are more pieces of the puzzle which are good resources to understand how nice and shiny the diamond is.

Best practice is to get as close to the source, in order to get the best diamond value. If you have access to the manufacturer, you will get a better chance of understand where the rough came from and who polished your diamond. And most often, you will be getting a very good price as there are no brokers mediating the sale.

That is the premise of Masters of Light. We partnered with Antwerp's premier diamond factory to open their stock of diamonds to you, the client. We provide the online platform, and you buy the diamonds directly from the manufacturer, with full details about every aspect of the diamond - certification, photos, videos and more.

The diamonds are all from one company, which stands behind each and every diamond it produces. In this case, we believe that buying diamonds online can be a great idea - if you find the right seller.

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