How to buy Diamonds from Antwerp direct?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Antwerp has been the world's diamond hub for centuries, and until a few decades ago, buyers from all over the world would schedule a visit to the Flemish city many times every year in order to find their diamonds in the city's bourses. In the last two decades, with the advent of the internet and easy mobile communication, buyers come less often to the city physically, but are still in contact with the bourses in order to find a special diamond often times via whatsapp or email.

Antwerp, the city of diamonds
Antwerp sky view

The problem is that most diamond companies are not well prepared to cater to private clients, who look for speicifc diamond at the right price and need all the information in a transparent way. How can you make sure the diamond being proposed to you actually exists? How can you make sure it looks good? Many buyers cannot find the right answers to these questions, and end up going to a local store, even if they need to pay significantly more for their diamond.

Masters of Light provides a great alternative in this situation. We have partenered with one of Antwerp most established diamond factories and link the buyer to the manufacturer direct online - we provide the online platform and you get the diamond and its provenance with full confidence. You get actual diamond photos, videos and the assurance that you are buying from real stock, from a real reputable company. The diamonds offered are available in Antwerp for viewing, and we can even setup a meet and greet with the polisher - with total transparency and intuitive structure.

So if you are looking to buy a diamond directly from Antwerp World Diamond Center company, give a try. Check the available diamonds, the photos, videos and don't hesitate to reach us if you need assistance.

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