How much does a loose diamond cost?

Diamond prices are fairly stable, and categorized. Unlike other products, they usually will not go in sale as the profit margins for loose diamonds are rather small, and selllers will always post their best prices. For example, when buying jewellery you can see signs of 50% off, but when looking for loose diamonds you will never see that!

This phenomenom happens because prices are categorized according to the diamonds' attributes (color, clarity etc..). Therefore, a seller can't really sell a commercial diamond for the price of an investment diamond. He can try to set it in a ring, and ask for a higher price for his jewellery piece, but looking exclusively at the diamond, the price will need to be in line with the market. This is obviously considering we are talking about a trustworthy, established diamond company.

Coming back to prices, diamond prices will always fall in a price category. For example, currently, a diamond of 1ct, even the very best quality will not surpass 15,000 euros. This will give the buyer an idea of how much a 1ct diamond can cost today. This is valid for white loose diamonds. Fancy color diamonds are a differrent story and can cost much more (soon you will see fancy colors for sale in our site too!).

You can expect a variation in the price for a diamond with same color, size and purity from seller to seller. Some hard-to-spot specs will affect the price, and that's why it's important to buy from someone you can trust and communicate directly. And of course, someone who stands behind their product and can give you all the information about it. Often times, online companies are selling a diamond that is not in their possesion, or worst, that doesn't at all belong to them. This makes it difficult to bridge the gap between the client and the advertized diamond.

Masters of Light is unique because we only sell diamonds in our possesion, which we can analyze real time with you allowing us to offer clients a full disclosure. And we can ship faster, as the diamond is coming from Antwerp rather than the other side of the world.

Schedule a personalized session with one of our Diamond Specialists and we will help you find your diamond, with love from Antwerp!

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