Fancy Colors Diamonds

Last week we added our fancy color diamonds to our online selection, now available for purchase.

Clients often ask "which color diamond is the most expensive" or "what are the rarest colored diamond" so lets delve into this for second.

Historically, colorless diamonds were always more demanded than colored diamonds. In fact, some 30 years ago, few companies specialized in colored diamonds as they were considered to be inferior! Only a few pioneering diamantaires believed and invested in marketing colored diamonds.

Fast forward today, and colored diamonds are super hot, and well in demand. Fancy color diamonds are very rare, as there are relatively few mines producing high quality colored gems, but beyond this consideration colroed diamond have another feature - each diamond is unique. Even two cerified Vivid Yellow can look very different, as color is such a complex phenomenom that is often elusive even for modern laboratory standards.

Uniqueness is very much a trend of our times, and many clients are

attracted to this feature, propelling prices higher and higher. Therefore, compared to colorless diamonds, colored diamonds can be very expensive, specially extremely rare colors like blue and red. The market for these colors is very limited, as only the top percentage of the rich can actually afford a large blue or red diamond.

Yellow diamonds are less rare and therefore more affordable, but if you are looking for the very best vivid yellow, it will be expensive too. Therefore when talk

ing about fancy color diamond prices, you have to look at the supply and demand of the specific color being discussed. And even within that color, every shade or saturationcan have a dramatic effect in the price and availability of the diamond.

At Masters of Light, you can now shop for amazing colors such as Yellow, orange, green and many others! All diamonds are certified by either GIA or IGI and we offer the very best colors for affordable prices, directly from the manufacturer in Antwerp. The suppy is extremely limited for these gems, and whatever we have available is likely not coming back in stock anytime soon!

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