Certified Diamonds vs Non-certified Diamonds

Many clients want to understand the difference between certified and non-certified diamonds. Anyone looking to buy a diamond online, should know a little about this topic.

Until 20 years ago, most diamonds were sold without a specific certificate. The market was still an "offiline" market, and a buyer had to anyways look and analyze every stone before buying it. The emergence of a global marketplace, with fast shipping and online sales, made independent certificates a must.

Many companies are selling diamonds, but you should only buy from them if there is a reliable independent laboratory certifying the diamonds. An in-house certificate is not ideal, as the analisys should be done independently, in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Today, the most reliable certificates used by professionals in the diamond market are three - GIA, HRD and IGI. These laboratories have proven to be serious and independent, and one can purchase a diamond relying on one of these certificates.

In Masters of Light's webshop, you find diamond certified by GIA, HRD and IGI and we usually will ship our diamonds sealed - a service offered by the laboratories in order to provide an extra layer of security for buyers.

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